Day Nine:

Create Something

With end of year deadlines, we know you will all be working hard to finish final projects which is why we also want to remind you to create just for fun as well. As working artists you will be used to following briefs and creating work under pressure, but that's not always as enjoyable as it should be.  


A huge part of the self care process is doing something that makes you feel good from within, so why not try creating a piece of work that is purely for your own enjoyment. Something you wouldn't even necessarily put in your portfolio but that is a pure expression of feeling, give it a try! 


Share your creativity on your Instagram story including the #10daysselfcare and tag @leedsartsunion for the chance to win a CassArt voucher! 

Here's just a couple of ideas to get you started: 


Learn and practise the Japanese art of paper folding with these online Origami tutorials


Follow the Art Branch's 30 Day creative challenge, finding and drawing things from your outside space


Follow RADISH, the Rural Arts Daily Inspiration for Staying Home, who will be sharing or running something creative every weekday

Why not push your in-home creativity further and get making from household objects?
Fancy making a macrame plant hanger out of tshirt yarn? Darn It Workshops can show you how!

Follow along with the video or use the worksheet for extra help:


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