Do you have a project that's been swimming around in your head for a while now but you haven't had the funds to put it together? Maybe you have a skill that you'd like to share or a skill that you'd like to learn? Maybe you're looking for industry experience, a part-time job, or graduation is looming close and you don't quite know what you're doing with yourself?

Well, hopefully, this page can provide you with the help that you need! 

Careers Portal

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All your careers support in one place. Leeds Arts University students and alumni can book 1-to-1 appointments; search campus and external events; browse live briefs and paid opportunities; request a CV review or ask the careers team a question. Head over to the Careers Portal to find out more.

Project Fund

As you're all wonderfully creative bods, the Union will always try to support your creativity as much as possible. We've introduced a new initiative this year to help us do just that; Project Fund!

Twilight Café

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Have a project you are excited about? Share it!

Have a skill you want to teach? Teach it!

Want to learn something new? Learn it!

Staff and students can do it all, inside the Twilight Café.

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