Leeds Arts University's Learning, Teaching and Enhancement  Conference

Decolonising the Curriculum 

The theme of this year’s Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Conference at Leeds Arts University is decolonising the curriculum. This theme was chosen because research with our students highlighted that our curriculum has been Euro- and North America-centric and could reflect a wider range of creative practitioners and practices. Importantly, decolonising our curriculum includes questioning what we teach but also why and how we teach it. This conference will provide the opportunity for the whole university to reflect on and discuss these questions, understand how we can develop our curriculum by looking at what works at the university and elsewhere, and set goals to ensure our discussions on the day lead to action following the conference.


We invite you to be part of this process, supported by your Students’ Union.


In essence, the topic is a relatively simple one with a simple outcome: to actively challenge, question and bring to change the current Euro and North-America centric curriculum; so that it includes the stories, viewpoints and critical thinking of those who exist outside of what the curriculum already offers. Everybody deserves to be seen and heard within education and that's exactly what decolonising the curriculum hopes to do, give everyone who experiences education that exact opportunity.


In order to ensure that the voice of the student is firmly situated within the conference, we would love for you to be involved! 


You can do this in three separate ways, firstly by submitting your work to be exhibited at the conference and on the Union's webpage by completing the form below. Secondly by joining the pre-conference FORUM discussion to let us know your experiences and views about decolonising the curriculum and being a student from a Black, Asian or minority ethnicity at Leeds Arts University, click here to sign yourself up.

Thirdly by attending the conference on Friday 25th June 2021 and sharing your opinion so that it can be used to design the actions of the university moving forward. 


Complete the form below with any and all of the information you would like to share and we'll get in contact with you to organise the finite details for the day. 

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