There’s no two ways to say it; if you choose to take drugs you are more likely to put yourself and your health in danger. Drugs make you less aware of both yourself and your surroundings.


If you do choose to take drugs or come into contact with drugs, please remember that it is imperative you are completely safe, so get clued up about drug use and its effects. Most importantly, read up on the risks first.

Think ahead

If you are thinking about using any drugs, always get as much information as you can beforehand. Unknown effects can be scary and you might not always know if drugs have been mixed with other things. If you are at all unsure, think twice before taking it.

Be in a safe environment

Be somewhere safe with people that you trust and stay close to home or inside. Always be aware of your surroundings as you could end up feeling stressed or lost. Stay with people you know, that you trust and look after each other.

Know your limits

Start low and go slow until you are sure what you are taking and the effect it will have on you. Try a small amount first and then go slowly. Just like alcohol, drugs can take time for the full effects to be felt. You know your body best, if it seems like you are having more than you can handle then slow down. You should know when to stop and when to go home.

Drug and substance misuse can lead to severe consequences. If you think that you or a friend may have an issue with drugs or alcohol, it is important to talk to someone about this, so we can get the right support in place to help you move forward.

The symptoms below could indicate a heightened risk of substance misuse:

  • Missing lectures or appointments

  • Change in personal appearance

  • Withdrawal from friends/family

  • Mood swings

  • Loss of interest in hobbies/activities

  • Change in sleeping pattern

  • Change in behaviour

If any of this behaviour is recognisable in yourself or a friend, seek support as soon as possible. You can come and chat to the Student Welfare team at any point if you have any concerns or need advice.


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