The results are in, your 2020-21 Student Executive Officers are...

Student President

From Level 6 Graphic Design

Poppy Belcham

Student Governor

From Level 5 Photography
Joshua Hart


Editorial Officers
From Level 5 Graphic Design
Re-elected into the position, Louis Edwards & Ben Cobb


Sustainability Officer
From Level 5 Filmmaking

Kaya Mitchell

Raise and Give Officers
From Level 4 Fine Art & Visual Communications
Oli Dickinson
& Caroline Orrell

Welfare Officers
From Level 5 Textile Design
Mary Hart & Georgie Pardoe


Campaigns Officers
From Level 5 Illustration & Graphic Design
Ekaterina Sheath &
Zoe Van Rhyn-Behm

Equality & Diversity Officer
From Level 4 Photography
Jessica Butcher

Events Officer
From Level 5 Photography
Jacob Talbot


International Officers
From Level 4 & 5 Textile Design
Alice Eldridge & Maria Felix


Activities Officers
From Level 4 Photography & Fashion Design
Izzie Koyander &
Rosie Frost

Postgraduate Officer
From MA Creative Practise Year 1

Conor Rush

Congratulations to all of this year's candidates. You have shown so much strength through such unexpected adversity. Thank you to everyone who voted, you have shown huge support for the Union, the University and your fellow students which is exactly what we all need during this uncertain time.


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