So you’re starting your search, but where do you begin?

It's tempting to rush in and start house hunting without proper knowledge. We urge you to resist the temptation. You're much more likely to end up somewhere you are happier, if you take the time to work out a few key things:



  • Location you want to be in

  • Properties available in that area

  • What to expect in terms of quality and price

  • How many people and who you want to live with

  • The right questions to ask

  • When to start looking

  • What support is available


When looking for a house we recommend you go with Unipol. Unipol is not only at the centre of student housing but is involved at every level: information, advice, policy development and setting, measuring and checking standards. If you run into any problems Unipol are here to help.


Unipol also runs Leeds’ only accreditation schemes for student properties known as the Unipol Codes.  The Codes are a set of standards to ensure that your student home is safe and comfortable and that your landlord will play fair. These properties are clearly marked with a thumbs up logo and you should give them priority. 

Their notice board is often full of students searching for housemates/accommodation so they really are the best place to start looking.

Our ‘LAU House Hunting’ Facebook group is a great source to find students offering their rooms for rent if you are looking for a quick move or perhaps needing a short term let.

Rate Your Landlord is simple. It works like many other review websites that allow customers to have their say. Rate Your Landlord aims to allow students to talk about their personal renting experiences and for others to learn from them to become savvy, safe and happy renters. Many students are brand new to the world of private renting, so other people's opinions can be a useful tool.


Rate Your Landlord is here to provide an open, fair and balanced forum for tenants to have their say, for landlords to respond, and for students to learn what's what in the world of renting.


So you’ve found the perfect house and you’ve arranged a viewing with the landlord or estate agent. Please make sure you use our handy checklist of top questions to ask and things you should know before making that all important decision.


We'll check your contracts! Before you sign for a house, drop by the Union with your contract and we will check through it for you for free. With training from Unipol, we'll make sure you know the deal before you sign anything. Can't get in to speak to us?

where to look

rate your landlord

viewing a house?

Come along to a unipol talk


If you're still unsure and need a few more tips, the Unipol house hunting talk is the place to be! Unipol is a housing charity with all the up to the minute information on the best accommodation in Leeds. Come along to their informative talk on Tuesday 26th November, 12pm in Blenheim Walk Union Space.

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