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This is it. Your official welcome to Leeds Arts University Freshers 2021! Alongside your elected Student Executive Officers and society leaders, your soon-to-be very own Leeds Arts Union has put together a whole week full of Freshers events and activities for you to have fun, meet new friends and enjoy a good old fashioned Yorkshire welcome to Leeds and the University! 


The best thing to remember is that everyone’s in the same boat when starting University. That’s why the events during Freshers are suited to both groups and individuals. The calendar includes events for all different tastes, with many that are chilled, arts-orientated, and most importantly, free! Whether you love a good movie binge and chill, fancy getting stuck in with some creative workshops, want to soak up the sounds of the best live music in Leeds or you can’t wait to be immersed in celebrating everything creative – there’s something for everyone!

So between now and September, it’s time to get excited! Go ahead and join the official Leeds Arts University Freshers Facebook group where you’ll find all the events and up to date info, sneak peeks and special prize draws. We say this a lot and will start to sound like a broken record in a few months’ time, but if you have any questions at all please get in touch; you can reach us on email or social media.

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Monday 20th Sept

Fem Soc Bitch n Brunch.png
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LAU Goes 8-BIt M&G.png
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Tuesday 21st Sept

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NEST Zine Workshop.png
Pottery Workshop.png
ISOC Meet _ Greet.png
Secret Pop Up 1.png
Netball Taster.png
Poetry Performance & Practice.png

Wednesday 22nd Sept

Secret Pop Up 2.png
Fem Soc Self Defense.png
Student Life _ Your Mental Health.png
Book Club books n Baking.png
Student Life _ Your Mental Health.png
ISOC Intro Halaqa.png
MOVE Pilates.png
Netball Social.png
Football Taster.png

Thursday 23rd Sept

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CU Drink & Draw.png

Friday 24th Sept

Collab Meet _ Greet.png
Paint a Cupppa.png
Spectrum Pride Packed Lunch.png
Student Life _ Your Mental Health.png
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Secret Pop Up 3.png
Student Life _ Your Mental Health.png
SCS Tie Dye.png
Book Club Meet _ Greet.png
Life Drawing Drink Drag _ Draw.png
ISOC Movie Night.png

How long is Freshers?
This year, Freshers Week will run from 20th - 24th September.


Where do I buy tickets?
Many of our Freshers events are completely free, any that require tickets will say so in the description or you'll be able to buy them on the door.

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How do I join a Society or team?
Come along to the Freshers Fair, you'll be able to sign up to any society you fancy and join all of our sports teams. Alternatively, click the societies button above to head to our designated societies webpage.

Can I bring a friend from another Uni?
Of course! As long as they buy a ticket (where necessary) and arrive with you


Where is Freshers?
We hold Freshers events all over the city so you get to know where you live. Many events will be held in the University building, in the Union Space, the cafe or in a green area.


I'm not into partying, are there any events for me?
Definitely! We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of events that suit everyone, are as inclusive as possible and are often, alcohol free.