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Congrats on being elected as a Student Rep!

As a Rep, you'll gain a huge amount of experience and skills starting with Student Rep Training in October. The Union is here to support you throughout your experience so if you want to chat about anything at all, just get in touch, we're always here for advice, guidance or information.


Attending one training session is mandatory and will help ensure you have the understanding and confidence needed for your new role! Coming along to one of the training session will also be a great opportunity to meet your fellow Reps from different courses! 


As part of your training and personal development, all Reps are also invited to refresher training in January. This is a really important time to review your role so far and for us to initiate change through student voice. 


All Reps will be invited via email to choose one training session to attend. Can't attend any? No worries, just let us know.



Rep Drop In & Support

To help make sure you feel supported and to provide a time for you to get to know other Reps we run drop-in sessions. You can ask any questions, run anything by us and chat with other Reps!


You will receive emails and updates from the Union with more information on how to join the drop-in dates. 


If you need any support in facilitating meetings with your fellow Reps, don't hesitate to get in touch on: 

Struggling to get feedback from your fellow course mates and peers? Try the feedback prompts we've put together by clicking the button below.

Rep Meeting Schedule
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