Well hey there Union Member! That's right - I'm talkin' to you! 


All Leeds Arts University Students are also members of Leeds Arts Union, which means you've always got someone in your corner, someone making sure your voice is heard through out the University. It also means you can join and take part in any Union event, activity or society. 


As a member, it's your right to hold your Union accountable!  So come to our FORUM Meetings, where you can find out what the Union has been up to, and ask any questions you have.  Our next FORUM will be in the new academic year so keep an eye out! 

Want to get even more involved?  Check out your societies, sports teams, fitness classes and activities. Don't see anything you want to get involved In? Come and chat to your Union at any time! 

Everyone has an option to opt-out, as it's not compulsory to be part of Leeds Arts Union. If you want to read more about it, please click the button below.  This will direct you to the University's eStudio page where you can opt out.


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