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Move Out 

+ Clean Up

Are you moving out and looking for somewhere to shift those unwanted trinkets you've acquired over the years? Well, Leeds Arts Union is here to help!

We all know how stressful moving can be and how important it is to respect our city and not dump our stuff just anywhere. So while you're moving out, remember to recycle, reuse and pass it on!​

Want to recycle but not sure where to start? Scroll down for all our tips and tricks on the what, where, when and how to recycle in your local area! 

What can I recycle?

One person's trash is another person's treasure so if you are thinking about recycling or rehoming your items but unsure what to donate, check out our list below:


Donations centres will accept:

  • Clean clothing 

  • Paired shoes 

  • Books 

  • CDs & DVDs 

  • Small electrical goods (e.g. hairdryers, toasters) 

  • Pans 

  • Cutlery & Crockery 

  • Non-perishable food (unused and unopened)

  • Unopened toiletries (e.g soap, toothpaste)


Click here for locations of where you can take your unwanted items to be reused.

Don't want it? Purple bag it!

You'll notice that throughout May, purple bin liners will be delivered to your home. These are used to collect and recycle reusable items; so if you have anything to give away, put it in the purple bag.  


Do not place purple bags out on the street as they will not be collected!

Extra purple bags are available from the Union

Check out where the recycling points are here!

What goes in my green bin?

1. Paper

2. Cardboard

3. Clean tin cans

4. Aerosols (deodorant, hairspray)

5. Foil

6. Recyclable plastics (check the packaging if you're unsure)

But not glass!


Shred your documents

Your personal identity is precious!

Make sure that you shred all bank statements, bills

and student loan records before recycling the paper!​

Be a good neighbour

When getting rid of food waste, use your black

bin as much as possible, but try not to put bin bags in the street as this can attract wildlife.


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