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Finding Your Cause with Lucy Scott

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, now more than ever, artists are being called upon to respond to an ever-changing world, and images are the means by which conversations are started and debates are shared.

This workshop comprises of an exclusive ‘in-conversation’ event where Lucy will discuss how she developed her practice, combined with a guide written by Lucy to help you work towards a more personal creative practice and hopefully equip you with the tools to spark wonder and positive debate in your own work. The accompanying guide will help you to identify your own values and what you feel most passionate in your own life, and hopefully inspire you to include an element of personal activism in your practice.

The Artist

Lucy Scott, Change Begins Within, 2020. Pencil drawing and digital collage.

Lucy Scott graduated from BA(Hons) Illustration at Leeds Arts University in 2019 and has since established herself as a practitioner who is recognised for her topical and responsive output. Scott’s illustrations reach a diverse audience through their poignancy and universal relevance. Working with a playful balance of shape and colour, her celebratory images strike a tone of subtle activism, promoting connection with nature and the environment and delivering cautionary messages of climate change.

Leeds Arts University’s curation team have been working with Lucy in developing her first solo exhibition at the University in 2021. The exhibition, titled There’s No Place Like Earth, will present a body of illustrations that focus on meaning making and the power of design to create positive change in a time of turbulent social and political debate. Scott’s practice contributes to the identity of a growing creative movement, researching the ability of visual media and playful image making to inform positive change through encouraging introspective reflection and personal transformation.

Process work for Change Begins Within, 2020. Pencil drawing and digital collage

Join the conversation

Join Leeds Art’s University’s Curatorial Trainee, Abbie Mooney, as she talks to Lucy Scott about her current practice and how she came to find her cause. Abbie and Lucy will also talk about how they’ve developed Lucy’s upcoming solo show, There’s No Place Like Earth.

Finding Your Cause Workshop by Lucy Scott

Lucy Scott, The Birds Still Sing Despite The Storm, 2020. Pencil drawing and digital collage.

Across many creative disciplines throughout the world, artists and designers are using their creative skills to drive positive change, whether that be to promote equal rights, to fight the war on plastic, or to encourage us to live a simpler life. Whatever the message may be, creatives are finding their cause and spreading their message through creative practice.

As a student at Leeds Arts University, you may be working with all kinds of different media and approaches. You may have never shared a personal message in your work before, or you may have been spreading messages in your art forever, either way, this guide should help you to re-align and focus your values and figure out what impact you want to have.

Explore the workshop in your own time by downloading the PDF file below.

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If you would like to find out more about Lucy’s practice, go to her website:

Lucy Scott Workshop
Download PDF • 411KB


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