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Reconnect to: Where you are

Our weekend prompt is reconnect to where you are. Reconnecting to your surroundings and the landscape around you can be a really powerful grounding technique. Wherever you are right now might not be where you'll always be, so take some time to reconnect to the city, town or country you're in, really appreciate it and breathe in the life all around you! Conor shares his longest walk yet with 4 focus points along 14 miles, you'll definitely be in for a good nights sleep after this one!

Sometimes we live and breathe the area we're in, maybe you don't stop telling people where you're from or where you are studying because you love it so much! With this pandemic you might not have stepped foot outside of a 5 mile radius, so why not take yourself somewhere with an amazing panoramic view? If that's not doable sitting on the top deck of a bus and watching the land pass you by can be a really relaxing way to reconnect to where you are.

Leeds based area examples; Sugar well hill the other side of the ridge, the folly at the end of the lake and the bus journey back to Leeds, sit at the top of the bus, at the front if you can!

Don't forget to share how you reconnect to where you are with us! Take a photo of a favourite place where you live, a great view or a space that means home and tag @leedsartsunion! You'll be entered into our competition to win the beautifully illustrated 'Other Ways to Walk' by Rachel Howfield Massey


Walking route and points of interest in Leeds!


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