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Sober nights out

There are loads of different places to visit if you're wanting an alcohol-free night out in Leeds this Freshers! Lots of bars do serve some amazing alcohol-free drinks, however if you're not wanting to be in an environment where others are drinking, we have some recommendations for where to visit...


See You Naked Monday at Leftbank

This session is run by Assembly House in collaboration with Leftbank. It is a non-traditional life drawing class that has a variety of diverse bodies modelling for the life-drawing style session and is a non-judgemental environment. The sessions are £8.50.


Friday Night Socials with Roller Girl Gang

Have a chat and skate with fellow roller fanatics! Join the Roller Girl Gang at Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre on Friday nights. The sessions are £7 and you can reserve skates if you don't have your own for £3. They welcome all abilities but you have to be age 17+ to attend these particular sessions. So meet the community and socialise on a Friday night!


Paint some pottery at Honey Pottery

Why not have a go at pottery painting? This place is located in Horsforth and has a fun and friendly atmosphere. They have a huge variety of ceramics to paint ranging from £2.50-£30 so you take your pick! You don't have a be an expert at painting and it's all about expressing your creative side in a relaxing environment. You can call to reserve a table or just show up and hope they have a spot for you to do some amazing painting.


Play games at Geek Retreat Leeds

If you're into games then this is the place for you! Meet a fellow community who enjoys "geeky" games as much as you do, grab a milkshake and get competitive in their gaming tournaments. This place is located in the city centre, if your planning to go on the weekend then I would reserve a place, as it gets jam-packed with people wanting to game!


Go watch a film at Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House is an independent cinema located (you guessed it) in the middle of Hyde Park. It's the perfect location for students and has a variety of film screenings, from smaller indie films to big-budget blockbusters. It's a perfect place to go on an alcohol-free night out and see some amazing movies!


If your looking for some extra help in getting sober then Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service for young people.They aim to reduce risk-taking behaviour through dedicated prevention, intervention and support, as well as supporting those in recovery. Check out their website below or ring 0113 887 2757 for their phone support line.



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