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Welfare Week | Sleep Hygiene

Strong sleep hygiene means having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. Keeping a stable sleep schedule, making your bedroom comfortable and free of disruptions, following a relaxing pre-bed routine, and building healthy habits during the day can all contribute to ideal sleep hygiene.

There are a few different methods you can follow to ensure you're getting the best night sleep! First of all set up your sleep schedule. This gets your brain and body accustomed to getting the full amount of sleep that you need. Have a fixed wake up time, prioritise sleep, make gradual adjustments and don't overdo it with the naps.

Follow a nightly routine. This could include a 30 minute budget of time for winding down where you could listen to some soft music or do some light and relaxing stretches. You could also dim your lights, as bright light can hinder the production of melatonin, a hormone that the body creates to facilitate sleep. You might also want to unplug from electronics. Phones and tablets cause mental stimulation as well as emitting blue light which may decrease melatonin production.

It's also a good idea to cultivate healthy daily habits. Try to get daylight exposure as sunlight is one of the key drivers of circadian rhythms that can encourage healthy sleep. Being physically active can also make it easier to sleep at night, and cutting down on caffeine in the afternoon and evening because it's a stimulant.

There's also different apps that can help with your sleeping. Headspace is a great app for this and if you have a student Spotify account then you can download Headspace for free as part of your subscription. Headspace has a range of videos from meditation and breathing to a 'move' section which is great to get your exercise done during the day as well as having a section specifically on sleep. This includes sleep casts, Windows, sleep music and more. You can also find similar videos and soundscapes on YouTube for free.

You can also find an array of pillow sprays to help with your sleep in various stores and online. A calming fragrance can help you relax your body and mind whilst improving mood. The good news is you don't have to break the bank for a good spray! You can find one here which is vegan and cruelty free! You might also want to try using aromatherapy fragrances. You just rub them onto your pulse points at your temples, neck and wrists or apply behind the ears. This can enhance meditation and breathing exercises, and be used for relaxation. You can find a vegan aromatherapy kit here!

Of course, there's lots of different methods and apps you can try to help your sleep hygiene, but hopefully starting even or two of the above sleep methods and tips will help you on your way to a more blissful nights sleep!


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