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Write a future email to yourself | Day 4 | Welfare Fortnight

Hey All! It’s Izzie and Rosie your Activities Officers!

We hope you’re enjoying lockdown 2.0! This is the perfect time to remind yourselves of why we are at Leeds Art University.

It can be easy to get ourselves into a solid routine, settle and forget why we’re all here so we want to keep that motivation and aspiration going. So … drum roll please … we’re inviting you to write an email for your future self!

It’s time to brush off your GCSE English and get your keyboards at the ready.

Your email to yourself should be positive, uplifting and a really great time for you to reflect on where you’re at right now, where you want to be and how you might get there!

Here are a few things you could ask yourself;

  • What made me want to come to University?

  • What made me choose to study my course?

  • How do I feel starting Uni this year?

  • What goals have I achieved so far?

  • What have I found challenging so far? And how have I overcome these challenges?

  • How did I get to this point? What has my journey to Uni been like?

  • What are some of my great qualities? What makes me - me?

  • What are my aims by the end of the year/end of my degree?

  • What’s important to me?

As a big finale for your fabulous, future self, why not include;

  • Some inspirational words - you know yourself, write down what will really be impactful for you!

  • Some encouraging words - give your future mind a virtual kick up the butt with some words that will encourage you to make the most of every opportunity

  • A picture of your current favourite piece of work - go ahead and inspire yourself.

The how-to on sending a future email

Please note this is on google mail [your student email address is on this]

Step 1: Click ‘compose’ - simple

Step 2: Write that email!

Step 3: Next to the send button, you’ll see a small drop-down arrow - click this

Step 4: Using the pop up ‘schedule send’, click ‘select date and time’, use the calendar to pick your desired time to receive your future email!

Step 5: Click ‘schedule send’ and et voila - sit back and completely forget you did this until the time comes around for you to get a boost of confidence, encouragement and a boatload of smiles from the one and only - you!

Tag @leedsartsunion in all your Welfare Fortnight activities! Check out the What's On calendar for even more events here:


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