Student Representatives ensure the voice of all students are heard.


Each course elects its own set of Student Reps who provide a crucial link to University staff and management; enabling feedback, opinions and the thoughts of the students to be heard throughout the University.


Student Reps speak with University management, Programme directors, Course leaders and tutors, and the Union in regular meetings throughout the year.  

They will speak and listen to their fellow students and take forward issues, problems and positive feedback from their Course. They then feedback any information back to the students to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop and involved. The Student Reps also pass on information to students regarding upcoming events, opportunities and other relevant Union and University activities.

Our Student Reps are incredibly valued in their role and have played an important part in creating positive change and making the University a great place to study.




Want to pass on feedback to your Student Rep or the Union? Give us Feedback below.

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