Hey there! Well done on stepping up and leading a society! We know you’ll do an ace job, and remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way!


You can always get in touch with us on at any point if you need some guidance or help!


There are a few things which you MUST do to adhere to the rules of Leeds Arts Union Societies, as well as a few tips on how to make your society great. Simply check out our to do list below:



A Facebook Group is often the first place someone will go to find out about your Society, so making sure your group is accessible and up to date is a must.

So make sure to do the below:

  • Set it as a group not a page or an event and include ‘LAU’/’Leeds Arts’ in the name

  • Invite the Student President and Student Liaison Officer to join and set them as an Admin

  • Have details of when your meet ups are and what location they're in

  • Let the Union know about your meet ups so that we can add you to the What's On calendar! You can drop us a quick email or make an event on Facebook and invite us.

  • If appropriate, make your group public. If this is not appropriate, as there is likely to be sensitive conversations, please leave it closed.

  • If you are making an Instagram account or similar, please get in touch with the Union tas we will set this up for you.

  • If you do not have a society specific email address and would like one, let us know and we’ll get one sorted asap.



The best way to get people engaged is to plan a meet up asap!
To do this you need to:

  • Think about a venue! It could be in the Union space, Blenheim Café or at an external venue. If you need help booking a space, let us know!

  • Let people know in advance! Sometimes, too short notice means that people aren’t able to make it. Ideally, you should start advertising your event two weeks before.

  • Think about timings. We've found the best time to get students involved is over lunch (12-1pm),  or after 4:30pm. If it gets too late, people might have already gone home - too early and they might still be in studios! Similarly, Friday afternoons/evenings are when people are often already busy, so try earlier in the week to get a higher turn out.

  • Make a Facebook event, especially if it’s a special/one off event. If it's a weekly booking, a                  reminder post in your Facebook group or on your Instagram will do the trick! 



It’s fab you’ve got your Society running, now you need to tell people about it!
Top tips for spreading the word:

  • The Union can print posters/flyers for your society at any time, so if you've got a great event poster to put up, just email it across to us in A3 and they’ll be ready to collect in no time! We’ll even throw in the blue tac!

  • Post in your group! Seriously, the more often you share on your social media, the more popular your society will be. The Union can share the details of your event across our social media too, but we need you to put them there first! Keeping your online presence up to date is one of the most important traits of a successful society.

  • Tell people face to face! Make sure you tell everyone you see that you’re holding a meet up and why they should come along.


Get to know the societies webpage!

If you're reading this, then you've made it! The 'Societies & Sports' tab at the top of this page is the first port of call for all students looking at joining societies at Leeds Arts University. So keep your page as up to date as possible by emailing us your society information on!

  • Each society gets their own subpage, if you don’t yet have one, or would like to update it, send over any details, links and images you would like put on the website.

  • In the same section you can also find key information on how to set up a society and how to join one.



To help you get the most out of your society, the Union will give you funding for key events at specific times of the year. So if you've got plans for Freshers or Welcome Back Week, let us know. 
Before your event:

  • Plan what you need to make it a really special event that would encourage new and current        society members to want to come along.

  • Ask in the Union first. If you just want some popcorn for your film screening or biscuits for your meet up, we might already have some from another event so just pop by and ask, you might be in luck!

  • Let the Union know what you want! Often it's easier for us to buy the supplies on your behalf, have a chat with us and we'll see what we can do. If we agree that you are buying something for your society, make sure you keep your receipts!

  • For anything else you may need to purchase, make sure you get in touch with the Union to discuss this before spending any of your hard earned cash! 


Safety First!

It’s really important that your societies are running smoothly and safely, so you’ll need to follow a few Health and Safety guidelines:

  • No home-made food. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any forms of home-made food to be shared or sold through Societies.

  • Let the Union know beforehand. You will need to give us a rough idea of what you plan to do at your meet ups. There is often a lot to organise, so the more time you can give us the better.

  • Fill in your forms. If you are planning a one-off event, especially if it involves food, you will need to let us know at least a week in advance so we can complete the necessary Risk Assessments for/with you.


Stick to the rules!

To make sure that all our societies are welcoming and inclusive, follow these golden rules to make sure no-one feels left out:


  • Everyone is welcome! Societies are a great place to meet new people, share interests, hobbies and generally have a good time! No one should feel unwelcome at a society event, so make sure that whatever you're doing, everyone has the chance to get involved.

  • Students from other Leeds Universities are allowed to attend your society meet ups. If the meet up is taking place on either University campus, you must let the Union know in order for us to arrange visitors passes with reception. 

  • No exclusions or harassment. This should go without saying but any sort of negative behaviour e.g. exclusions, harassment or bullying will not be tolerated in any society either in person or online. Should it occur, please let us know and we will sort it in a sensitive manner.

  • University rules apply here too! When you enrolled, you signed to say you’d adhere to the University rules, so whilst you’re taking part in society activities, you must also adhere to these. 

  • Our societies represent the University and everyone in it, so make sure they are a positive and encouraging space. Get in touch! If anything happens that you’re not comfortable with or if you’re not sure on something, just ask us!


Where do i start?

Meet ups can take different forms depending on what suits you. It could be a film screening, a workshop, a meeting to plan events, for food and drink, or something more ambitious!

  • There’s no rules on how often you meet, you can discuss this with your members and make it fit around your timetables. Once a week might suit some societies, whereas some meet once a month, or less frequently.

  • The first thing to do is to book a space (this could be the Union/Café)

  • The second thing to do is to let us know the details so we can help spread the word, and complete your Health and Safety

  • The third thing is to make a poster so that people know the details - then make sure you distribute them across the Uni

  • The fourth thing is to make a Facebook event/post in your Facebook Group



Although it’s extremely rewarding, it can be tricky running a society on your own, or even with someone else. That’s what we’re here for.

  • If you’ve got a bit too much on your plate, and need some help organising meet ups, get in touch and we’ll help you out!

  • If you’ve not had a great turn out, let us know and we’ll see if there’s anything we can suggest to help improve your reach. 

  • Remember, if you need absolutely anything, email us at and we’ll sort it!


  • Made a Facebook Group and added the Student President & Student Liaison Officer as admin

  • Plan your meet up following ‘where do I start?’ above

  • Tell the Union staff the details about your meet ups!

  • Check with the Union at least a week beforehand about completing any H&S forms

  • Post about your meet up on Facebook and make/distribute posters

  • Speak to the Union staff or your Societies Officer about any big events/plans

  • Plan your spending for events - ask us if you need any help

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