Each Spring, Student Elections are held to elect students who will run Leeds Arts Union for the year ahead.


This exciting event sees students from across the University campaign for roles on the Union team. These students play an important part in improving Leeds Arts University. Every student at the University is given a vote and the successfully elected team take on objectives and ideas put by students.

Have a look below at your 2019 - 2020 Student Executive Officers, and send us an e-mail if you have any questions! 

Aderice Palmer-Jones 

Student President


Mai Brightling

Communications Officer

Mai is excited to combine her passions for lens-based media and sustainability in the coming year, and is always open to new collaborations!

Kathryn Griffiths

Campaigns Officer

Kathryn is a passionate and activated campaigner, she’ll be organising campaigns so that you can raise your voices together on issues you care about.

Louis Edwards

Co-Editorial Officer

One half of the newest NEST duo, Louis is a designer extraordinaire ready to make NEST the best it can be.

Ben Cobb

Co-Editorial Officer

A fellow NEST Officer, Ben has got the spirit and confidence to take NEST forward.

Lana Moorhouse

Raise & Give Officer

Lana is a vintage enthusiast studying Textile Design.  She can't wait to get our LAU community involved in fundraising events and raising money for local charities and important causes.

Chloe Parker

Raise & Give Officer

Chloe is an open-minded & easy-going Textiles student who is determined to help LAU make waves of positivity throughout the community by giving to those in need and having fun doing so!

Olga Motema

Student Governor

Determined and serious and seriously fun, Olga will be providing expertise to the Leeds Arts University Board of Governors from the student perspective.  

Kat Sucikova

Societies Officer

Kat loves societies and wants you to love them too!  She’ll be making sure that all of our societies are supported and new ones have the legs to get off the ground running.  

Okocha Obasi

Events Officer

Okocha is a Graphic Design Student who spends his time partying and drawing. Passionate about music and activism, this year he is looking forward to introducing more racial centred events as well as working with disadvantaged communities.

Poppy Belcham

Welfare Officer

In her second term as Welfare officer Poppy is calm, collected and ready to spread joy. She’s your student voice on all issues surrounding equality, inclusivity and diversity.

ZsaZsa Cooper Williams

Mature Student Officer

Zsazsa is enthusiastic about all things creative! She wants to get mature students meeting each other, sharing their skills and making connections to build an awesome community that can carry on outside of University as well as in it!

Sarah Robinson

International Student Officer

Sarah loves all things international and she wants to celebrate it with you!

Chloe Walker

Further Education Officer

Chloe is extremely passionate about photography and helping people. She cannot wait to help plan fun events and activities for you, the students, in this upcoming year.

    Exec Meetings with SMT

Tuesday 26th November 12pm - Blenheim Walk Boardroom
Tuesday 18th February 12pm - Blenheim Walk Boardroom
Tuesday 19th May 12pm - Blenheim Walk Boardroom


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