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Being part of the Union is about having a voice and being heard in a way that could be invaluable in your future and the future of others! The student you choose to represent you will play an important role in making a difference to your time at LAU so make sure you have your say and cast your vote! 

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We use the single transferable vote system, or ‘preferential voting’. In this system, you don’t get to vote for just one candidate for each role. Instead, you tell us which is your favourite candidate, and then which is your second favourite, then third favourite, and so on.


Think of it like the Olympics, it’s your job to pick who is your gold, who is your silver and who is your bronze! You will need to rank all candidates in order of preference, therefore it is really important you get to know each candidate and their manifestos!

Voting is open from 1 pm, Tuesday 4th May and will close at 6 pm, Thursday 6th May. 



Before you decide who's your pick o' the bunch, read all the manifestos carefully, so you can make an informed choice on the day. Don't forget, only you can decide who will be the next LAU Student Exec!

26th - 30th April is Campaign's Week, which means all candidates will be online promoting why they should be your next Exec, keep your eyes peeled for their campaigns and don't forget to join the LIVE HUSTINGS at 11am on Tuesday 4th May!