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Each year, we hold the Student Elections. Whether you want to run for one of the Executive Officer roles or just exercise your democratic right, the annual Student Elections give every student the opportunity to decide who will lead the Union for the year ahead. Your Union will listen to your ideas and opinions, organise campaigns, events, activities & societies for you to get involved in.

There are a number of roles up for grabs each year. The Student President role is a paid position and is open to undergraduate students that year. All other roles can be filled by any current student. 

Being part of the Union’s diverse team can provide you with a huge amount of experience that will prove to be invaluable in your future! Successful students will develop new skills and gain confidence in communication and leadership through meetings, organising events and activities; whilst campaigning and creating positive change. You’ll not only have a great year but you will play an important role in making a difference to your fellow students.


Meet your Student Executive Team for 2023-2024…


Student President

Zainab Nadeem

ashwath circle.png

Activities & Events Officer

Ashwath Page

L5 Comic and Concept Art



Wellbeing Officer

Jessie Johnson

L5 Illustration



Equality & Diversity Officer

Soolmaz Lashgary

MA Fine Art


eleanor and erin.png

Editorial Officers

Eleanor Yoe & Erin Hughes

L5 Graphic Design


Mori Sproule round.png

International Officer

Mori Sproule

MA Worldbuilding


Student Governor

Reece Ogden

MA Worldbuilding with Illustration


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