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So you've got an idea of what society you want to start, what now?​ Check out the steps below to get your society up and running in no time!

It seems like an obvious one, but it's often forgotten - make sure you have enough people who want to join! We ask that you have around 10 people who would be interested in joining the society, as well as as extra person to help you lead the society as a co-leader! This helps make sure the workload of running a society is shared.


1. Send your completed Society Formation Pack to so we can read through it. If we have any questions, the Union staff will contact you so please keep an eye on your student email. 

2. Once the Union staff have confirmed they are happy with the information you have provided, the Student President will present your pack to the Executive Officer team at the next meeting. The Exec will review your pack, discuss any matters and then vote to approve the new society. If your society is approved, it becomes an official Leeds Arts University society. If it is not approved, don't worry. The Union will work with you to work out the kinks and make any recommended revisions. 

3. You'll then be invited to a meeting with the Union staff to finalise setting up your society and most importantly - scheduling a start date! 

4. Finally, you will confirm to abide by our Society Code of Conduct & Community Guidelines to ensure that all societies are a safe, inclusive and accessible to all. 

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