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We know that there may be times when you feel you need support, advice and a listening ear when studying at University. That’s where we are here to help. Whatever is getting you down, making you feel anxious or just downright confused, the University and Union are here to offer you support every step of the way.


The University’s Student Support teams offer free, confidential advice to all Leeds Arts University students. The Student Advice & Wellbeing team can help you with your general welfare and wellbeing, counselling, finance, disability support, accommodation and sexual health whilst studying with us. You’ll find all the information you need in the relevant sections to get in touch with the teams.

Here at the Union, we can also provide a helping hand. There’s nothing that you can’t come to the Union to chat about. Whether you need advice about a dispute with your landlord, or you're feeling pressure from peers. Maybe you’re having difficulties with mental health or you would like support with appealing a grade result. We will always do our best to support and guide you – whatever the problem.


Have a look through these support pages and hopefully some questions will be answered, and you’ll be able to identify what you need help with. However, if you’re still not sure, email us on and we’ll take it from there.

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Many people think that mental health conditions are very rare, but 1 in 4 people will experience mental illness during their lifetime.


We all have mental health, just like we have physical health. Our minds can become unwell just like our bodies can. That’s why we’re firm believers in doing our best to look after our mental health and trying new things to improve it, whether that is through meditation and mindfulness or seeking support through counselling or therapy. 

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Physical health is just as important as our mental health, especially at University.


Healthy eating, exercise, and getting into a good sleep routine all improve our physical health and can often positively impact our mental health too. Bonus!

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A healthy relationship with your partner may include physical affection and intimacy.


If you have sex, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you are being safe. Consent, what it is and how to get it are all important aspects of sexual intimacy.




Whilst you are studying with us, your wellbeing is our priority. We want to help make sure that you are feeling happy, content and fulfilled so that you are successful in your course.


There are so many things you can do to give yourself a well-deserved boost but how about trying our steps to a happier, more positive life.

Pride Parade


Here at Leeds Arts University we truly value all of our students and how diverse our community is, which is why we've put together this support section for our LGBT+ community.


Whether you need someone to talk to, help with accessing services, or support in coming to terms with your identity, we have collated a list of resources that could help you. 


Nights out at Uni have become a cultural expectation for students and although they can be fun, it’s important to remember than nights in are just as valuable – and fun.

It's incredibly important to make sure you are knowledgable and safe when going out whilst at University.

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Finding your home away from home whilst studying seems like a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve all been there.

Use our step by step guide to house hunting and student accommodation and failing that, please pop by Student Advice & Wellbeing or Union office for advice and support.

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We recognise that money can be a big worry for a lot of students. Living away from home alongside managing your finances can be daunting, so we're here to give you some budgeting tips and get you clued up on how to spend-savvy. 


While we are unable to offer specific financial advice, we will always try to point you in the right direction. 

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Leeds is a brilliant city, but as you would expect, it still has it's share of crime.


Whether you're on a night out, in your student housing or surfing the World Wide Web, it’s important to be prepared, knowledgeable and take simple steps to stay safe.

Got some questions but not sure where to start?


Take a look at our frequently asked questions to get that

questioning ball a-rolling.


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