Both the University and Union take sustainability seriously and are committed to providing as many opportunities to educate ourselves, help our communities and be the change. 

Our dedicated sustainability society, Conscious Creatives, was born out of a lack of responsible and sustainable activity from students with the aim to educate, promote and celebrate sustainable and social responsibility throughout the University. So far, they have brought students together through workshops, exhibitions, action days and collaborative projects. 

The Unions Sustainability Officer leads the Conscious Creatives society and is there to make sure that we are doing everything we can do make a positive impact on our planet. Are you passionate about sustainability and want to join the Conscious Creatives? You know the drill! 


AWARD 2021

Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations.

In 2021, the Union signed up to it's second year of submission to the Green Impact accreditation scheme and was successfully awarded ‘Excellent’ accreditation.

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Although recycling is a great starting point to living a more sustainable lifestyle, there's a whole host of other things that we could do to have a more conscious impact on our environment.

We've even got your very own Leeds Sustainability Map for our top picks for sustainable and ethical shopping and spending.

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Now in its fourth year, the awards recognise innovative and outstanding work that addresses environmental, social and ethical issues with sustainability running clearly through the thinking and approach.

Open to all students, the Sustainability Award is open for submissions now!

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Here at Leeds Arts Union and Leeds Arts University, we're committed to providing a more sustainable environment for our students and our wider community.


Find out how we're doing our bit to be more sustainable. 

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Sustainability is one of our key priorities here at Leeds Arts University which is why we’ve put together this resource of local suppliers who share our feelings about shopping responsibly.


Each featured provider is committed to providing a planet-saving service, which means that while you’re researching the right materials to support your university career, you’re also supporting our local Leeds community and doing your bit for our collective home - Earth!

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It's coming to the end of the year and you'll be sorting through your stuff deciding what to take home. Now is the perfect time to reuse, rehome and recycling your unwanted items.

Not sure how? We've got you covered!


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Nicky Hope, BA Graphic Design

'It’s up to us to make people realise that you aren’t free from this responsibility, especially as artists and designers!’

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Meg Ojari, BA Illustration

'I’m not going to make a new alternative to plastic, but I’m going to hopefully help a few people realise what’s happened, and just change their habits and then maybe they’ll tell someone else!'

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Kaya Mitchell, BA Filmmaking

“I think that this period of our lives will be crucial in history as it has already started a new wave of ‘conscious creatives’

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Hear from recent graduate, Lucy Scott (BA [Hons]  Illustration, 2019), who uses her illustration practice to promote values of wellbeing and inner transformation and encourages positive change across a range of social and environmental issues.

Lucy will guide you through what it means to have a 'cause' and what it takes to find it.