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Made by students, for students, NEST magazine is here to give you more opportunities to get your work out into the world! Our issues are chock full of some of the very best talent here at Leeds Arts University. Each issue has a set theme and all content and designs are created by students.

Leeds Arts University's student magazine has a long history of celebrating and showcasing the creativity of students. NEST magazine, as we know it today, has been in proud production since 2012 under the direction of five different Editors. However, there are issues of the student magazine that pre-date NEST and were produced as early as 1935. You can find an archive of each issue, including the oldest edition from 1935 on the NEST website.  


For each printed issue there is a set theme for the work.


Submissions are open for three weeks, and during that time we invite all creatives from any course at any level to submit pieces that fit the theme and that they are proud of. We encourage every type of submission, from image, film to sound. All students will be invited to submit via their student email address so definitely keep a regular check on your inbox! You can also see any call outs over on the NEST Instagram: @nestmagazine


When submissions close we look at every piece and form the narrative of the issue from the work that is selected. Submissions that are not selected for the printed issue will be displayed either on our social media or on the website!


Usually, each issue is launched into the world with a party at one of our favourite venues in Leeds or onsite, giving you the opportunity to pick up the new mag, have a drink with your friends and network with peers and professionals. As things are slightly different this year, you will still be able to collect your copy of the newest NEST from the Union but instead of a party, celebrations will more than likely take the form of an online exhibition and performance event.

Find out so much more including previous issues of NEST at:

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