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Here at the Union, we're all about bringing people together. Whilst you're at University, there will be a whole host of opportunities for you to meet new people and learn new things. Joining a society or getting involved in our sports teams & fitness classes are a great way to do just that! Go ahead and take a look at what's on offer. Not seeing anything for you? Why not start your own?



Societies are started by students, for students.

Joining a society is your chance to get to know other students, start new friendships, and maybe, try something new. Oh and have loads of fun!

If you're a pro gamer, passionate about sustainability, love anime or feeling crafty, we've got something for everyone! Have a browse through the cool and eclectic mix of groups 



Getting up and getting moving is not only fun, but it’s proven to improve your physical and mental health. We care about that, and we don’t think it should come at a high cost.


We offer multiple ways for you to get out of your studios, get out from behind the screens, and get fit.




Our motto is that if students want a new, fresh society then we'll here to make that happen. Think other students would benefit from a new society? Why not start your own?

It's super easy to set up a society and the Union is here to support you, every step of the way!


In this current climate, it’s extremely important for us to not only think about ourselves, but also think about those who are vulnerable or may not have a support system who are thinking about them.

If you have the time to help someone else out in these uncertain times, take a look at our volunteer resources to see how you can help out! 

Whether you want to help virtually, locally or nationally, we've got you covered!

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