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British Sign Language Launch

Miscommunication and lack of knowledge are only a couple of the things that create barriers between different students. That's why during my time as Equality and Diversity Officer I wanted to form the All-Inclusive campaign. A place for students at Leeds Arts University to make valuable space and time for conversations and feedback on each of our unique student experiences.

I wanted to create a video series to raise awareness around different disabilities within our community. Kick-starting the first chapter of this series is Leah Swallow shining a light on hearing loss and overcoming the obstacles of being deaf during online learning. In addition to our insightful interview, we have also been working together on creating a resource for students to learn British Sign Language (BSL) which will be launching next week! Thanks for following along and hopefully I'll see you at some of our BSL workshops, Jess :)

Hey everyone! I am Leah and I currently study Level 5 Photography. I am severe to profoundly Deaf and British Sign Language has always been a part of my whole life, it's my second language. I know how important it is to know sign language not only for me but other Deaf and Hard of Hearing people for communication, even if you only know the basics! Especially today where the norm is wearing masks due to the pandemic, which means Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are unable to lipread and communicate with people in ways we normally would! I hope this encourages you to learn a new language using your hands and I cannot wait to teach you all about British Sign Language!

The first live workshop will be run by Leah on Wednesday 10th of March at 5 pm, sign up here if you’d like to join us and learn some BSL!

Please note this video was filmed when Covid regulations allowed 2 people to meet indoors.


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