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British Sign Language – The Alphabet

To launch our online British Sign Language (BSL) resource is Leah's video on learning the alphabet in BSL, the most basic form of the language.

Signing the alphabet in BSL is called fingerspelling and is a really good skill to have so that you can communicate with people who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing in a more accessible way. We suggest going through the alphabet a couple of times and then practising words like your name or where you're from so that you begin to get the hang of it.

If you want to learn BSL in a more interactive way then why not sign up for our live workshop next week with Leah on Wednesday at 5 pm here.


If you want to share anything about what you've learned on social media please make sure to tag us @leedsartsunion so we can see what you get up too!


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