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Leeds Sexual Health advice

Sign up for a local GP practice not only for all your medical needs but for all your sexual health advice and STI Testing. You can register with a GP surgery by Clicking the link here.

Always use contraceptives each time you have sexual relations. Not only to protect against unwanted pregnancy but also to protect yourself against STIs. If you don't know the right contraceptives for you then you can check out the NHS guide here.

Make sure to check the dates on all contraceptions including condoms and birth control pills as after the given date they may not be as effective in protecting you against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. Also, check the dates on lube sachets and bottles.

Get regular STI tests after each sexual partner. There are two kinds of tests, one for chlamydia/gonorrhea and HIV/syphilis.

Check out this map to see the closest place to get free chlamydia/gonorrhea testing or emergency contraception if this is something you need. A range of local pharmacies can offer these services and you can find the nearest one by checking out the Service finder.

Get the HPV Vaccination (Human Papilloma Virus) if you have not already done so. These are offered free from your GP If a child misses the opportunity while in school up to the age of 25.

Look at NUPA service if you don't wish to speak to your GP and have got an STI or become pregnant and want advice. They offer online chat services and also have an in-person clinic in the Leeds area. They can also offer abortion pills for pregnancies up to 10 weeks in the post after a phone call conversation.

If you are looking for tailored LGBTQAI+ sexual health services then check out Yorkshire MESMAC. They offer free sexual health consultations, confidential HIV testing and free condoms and lubricant. They also have some great resources on their website.

A list of resources if you have felt unsafe and need support

The Hazlehurst Centre is a service in Morley (just outside of Leeds) that offers support for anyone who has experienced unwanted sexual contact. They can arrange appointments within 24-48 hours either over the phone or in person with a specially trained doctor or nurse.

SARSVL is an organisation that supports all women and girls in Leeds who have been affected by sexual assault. They are a trans-inclusive charity that provides counseling, a helpline, and advocacy. You can either check out their website to get support or call their helpline at 0808 8023344.

Survivors West Yorkshire is a male-focused Ben's Place online trauma-informed counseling service. They are a member of the Male Survivors Partnership which supports and promotes the use of the National Male Survivors Helpline which is delivered by Safeline. You can call their helpline on 0808 800 5005.


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