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Meet your 8-Bit Society President, Ted Curtis!

Hi, I’m Ted. I’m the president of LAU Goes 8-Bit Society, a society which focuses on video games, as well as traditional board and card games.

Game Controllers

The core of 8-Bit is just to have fun playing games with people from all across the university. It’s all about providing a time for people to meet up regularly, forget about work for one evening a week, hang with friends and have fun together. Whether it's playing games or just talking to other like-minded people, 8-Bit provides a space for students to relax and socialise, which is something a lot of students need in their busy work schedules.

One of my favourite parts of the society was our regular Smash Bros tournaments that took place almost every week to great crowds of people. Another highlight was the heated sessions of Uno and Coup that had us plotting against each other. In more recent times, some of the most fun we've had has been taking part in our Minecraft server, where we build, fight and annoy each other endlessly. We also host occasional events such as monthly quizzes, made by society members, where we test our gaming knowledge and sanity.

Arcade games

Being a part of this society has helped me to build a healthy social life outside of my course, with most members becoming close friends. Pre-pandemic, the society acted as a weekly hub of social activity that helped those like me who weren’t quite connecting with their course peers to be part of a group of people with shared interests. Often we would go out on the town after the society had ended for a meal or a drink, or even just to continue hanging out. It's absolutely a social club first framed around a shared excitement for playing video games.

The society is very welcoming to new members, in fact, we thrive on new people joining in and interacting, although all participation is optional. Anyone with even the slightest interest in games will fit right in.

For those interested in joining the society, you can sign up to the society by clicking here, and for regular updates on what we’re playing each week, email me at Our usual meeting times are Wednesdays at 16:30, during term time.


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