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Move Out & Clean It Up

This past week of the 16th-20th of May we have been sharing tons of information on managing your waste when it comes to moving time over on our social media! Moving can already be a stressful time, so we at the Student Union want to make organising your waste easier than ever with our tips, tricks and advice! We have been going through how to recycle your rubbish and where to donate your unwanted clothes and extra food, what better place to sum everything up than on our blog!


Recycling can be so tricky with what you can and cannot put in your green bin, so we have made it simple and created a clear list! Anything you cannot put in your green bin can also be recycled or disposed of in recycling centres which we have also outlined. Make sure anything you recycle is clean and dry, and no smaller than a credit card.

Now what do you do with the things that can’t go in your green bin? Well we have this covered as well!

  • Food waste and polystyrene can be disposed of in your black bin

  • Garden waste can be disposed of in a brown bin or composted!

  • Glass can be recycled in your nearby bottle bank! Find yours Here!

  • Electrical items can be recycled at your local electrical recycling centre, which you can find Here!

Recycling can be confusing, so if you’re

unsure what to do around recycling do visit the Leeds council website on waste and recycling found Here!

Clothing and Furniture

Moving out is a great opportunity to declutter to make the move easier, but don’t just throw out your clothes or furniture once you’ve decluttered! Consider donating them to your local charity or vintage shop. We have highlighted some of our favourites and your suggestions from our Instagram stories too:

COW Vintage

Country House

87 Vicar Lane


Merrion Way

British Heart Foundation

Unit 80

Merrion Shopping Centre

Cancer Research UK

28 Lands Ln

Barnardo’s Donation Centre

Unit 3

Country West Shopping Centre

Revive Leeds

The Reuse Shop

Kirkstall Household Waste Recycling Centre

Leeds Hospital Charity Shop

Merrion Shopping Centre

You can also participate in a clothes swap rather than simply donating, saving you some money on new clothes to freshen up your wardrobe while also getting rid of the clothes you don’t want anymore! There are lots of clothes swaps happening in Leeds, but here’s some of our faves with their next events:

Leeds Community Clothes Exchange

28th of May, Woodhouse Community Centre

Bramley Community Clothes Exchange

30th July, Bramley Community Centre


Do you have some long-life unwanted food that you don’t want to haul to your new home? Consider donating them to local food banks! Most non-perishable foods can be donated to food

banks including items like cereal, tinned food, pasta, rice and biscuits. Food banks usually also accept non food items, especially hygiene products like toiletries and period products! Make sure you contact your local food bank to ask what items they are in need of.

Find your local food bank Here!

We hope this information has been helpful in your move, and reduced some of the confusion about recycling, donating and reducing your waste! Good luck to you all on your moving days!



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