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Reduce your carbon footprint with these tips!

This week we will be sharing all our Sustainable Freshers events and creating some amazing things in all our workshops. From upcycling clothes to building beehouses, here at Leeds Arts Union we do our best to think green with everything we do!

We want to give you some tips and tricks on how to reduce your carbon footprint whilst being here at Uni. Did you know the Average carbon footprint in Leeds is 10.4 tonnes according to WWF. To find out what your carbon footprint is currently take the quiz here.

How to reduce your carbon footprint when making food

  • Make a weekly meal plan in order to reduce food waste and the number of trips taken to the shop

  • Batch cook sauces such as bolognese and stick them in your freezer, this reduces food waste and makes a quick tea

  • Eat less red meat

  • Buy loose fruit and veg at places such as Kirkgate market and Abu Bakr

  • Buy local, check out our sustainability map here for more info on when to shop for local groceries

  • Try to reduce the amount of takeaways and pick places with less plastic packaging or try some veggie options

How to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling

  • Walk with friends to uni instead of driving

  • Take the bus to and from town, there are loads of routes available on the first bus app here

  • Carpool with other students if you need to take the car, instead of taking a car each (maybe offer some petrol money if you're not the one driving)

  • Take the train for day trips out of Leeds

  • Try interrailing instead of taking flights for your summer hols. You can even go to multiple places all over Europe with these tickets

  • If you do fly to go on holiday why not try offsetting

How to reduce your carbon footprint at home

  • Pick an energy company that uses green energy such as octopus energy

  • Take quicker showers

  • Have big cosy blankets for the winter instead of turning the heating up

  • Change the light bulbs to energy saving bulbs

  • Peg the washing up instead of using the dryer

How to reduce your carbon footprint when buying stuff

  • Buy second-hand clothes from vintage and charity shops

  • Buy good quality footwear that will last

  • Buy refillable beauty products or shampoo bars that last so much longer

  • Try a menstrual cup instead of buying sanitary products every month

  • Share a Netflix account with your flatmates instead of buying one each

  • Why not try a book swap or check the charity shops instead of buying them brand new

  • Take your glass recycling to the bottle bank, find your nearest one here

We hope you start making your way through the list, but just remember every little helps! Why not try and get your housemates to start reducing their carbon footprints too. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @LeedsArtsUnion for up-to-date sustainable info and events - have a great #SustainableFreshers!



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