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Society Spotlight: Islamic Society

Heyyy Everyone! I’m Zainab, your current Student President but before that I founded our university’s Islamic Society with a friend of mine, Zarwa, in 2020 and I’ve been running it ever since!

I wanted to start ISOC because moving out for uni can be a huge culture shock for some people and can make you feel lonely, especially if you’re not the type of person that enjoys nights out and house parties. Even when commuting to uni, it can be difficult to make friends and you might not necessarily want to go for drinks after class if you have a train home to catch.

I wanted to make a safe space for other Muslim students and to be able to build a community within the university. We aim to create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment for all Muslim and non-Muslim students. Somewhere for making friends, talking about your identity and celebrating Islam. What’s different about our ISOC to any other Islamic Society? We’re one big friendship group! We all hang out, talk, eat and spend time doing things we love together.

Some previous events:

- Boba Socials

- Going for dessert

- Game nights

- Bowling

- Ice Skating

- Picnics

- Eid gathering

- Secret Mufti (Secret Santa but for Eid)

- Iftars during Ramadan <3

Quotes from our members:

“ISOC helped me so much. I felt so out of place in my class, I stuck out like a sore thumb and ISOC helped me feel like I belonged and fit in”. Ayesha, Animation Alumni.

“ISOC is where I found my Leeds community, it helped so much in Ramadan when being away from home”. Muryum, Foundation.

“ISOC was a gateway of making friends with the nicest people ever”. Hafsah, Illustration.

“Without ISOC, I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable in uni. For the past 2 years, everyone in ISOC has been so welcoming and lovely, it honestly feels like a family. Whether

you attend all the socials or only a few, it’s always so fun to see everyone.” Haleema, Visual Communication.

For more information don't forget to follow the Islamic Society Instagram Page for all the updates you need @leedsartsisoc or sign up to our society mailing list here!



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