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Society Spotlight: Life Drawing Society

Hey fellow drawers! It's your Society Leaders, Sami and Millie calling to you from the Textiles Lecture Theatre. Firstly, a BIG thank you to all the people who signed up for Life Drawing this year. The stand was incredibly popular during the Societies Fair and it has really motivated us to make bigger changes for this year. We are thrilled to have you all join us every week on Tuesday from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm!

Introductions from our Leaders

Yo, I’m Sami! (They/Them) A little bit about me, this year I graduated from Teeside University with a BA in 2D Animation & Stop Motion and I'm currently studying for my Masters in World-Building with Creature Design. I am incredibly passionate about art direction and working in the animation industry with my very own studio. Life Drawing has given me the opportunity to strengthen the core skills used for concept art, animation and other artistic media. I’ve become well versed with perspective and translating human anatomy onto creature designs and I’m looking forward to helping guide our fellow members to the improvement of their artistic skills. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll be able to look back and acknowledge our growth.

Hi I’m Millie! (She/Her)

I’ll be one of the Life Drawing Leaders for this year and I’m currently studying Fine Art. I am captivated by all things floral and colourful. For Life Drawing this year, my goal is to hone my drawing and observation skills, especially in creating proportional figures that go beyond resembling bulky stickmen. I have set a personal goal to push myself out of my comfort zone and encourage everyone to try to do the same, you might discover a new passion (or maybe a pet peeve) along the way! We will be hosting socials and additional sessions outside of our scheduled time and we will try our best to make life drawing as fun and eventful as possible for our fellow members. We are hoping to do at least two socials every month that will consist of activities such as drink and draws and a picnic at Hyde Park.


Society Etiquette

Before we go into what our society has to offer, let’s set some guidelines for our weekly sessions.

1. Please sign up each week to book your space, there are 30 seats available on a first come, first served basis.

2. Sessions start promptly at 4.30pm to ensure the privacy of the model, please don't be late.

3. Please be respectful of other students and the model during the sessions, any instance of antisocial behaviour won't be tolerated and will be reported to the Students' Union, which may result in you being removed from the society.


What's it all about?

Many of you may be completely new to Life Drawing and could want guidance on how to start. We've included plenty of resources below to help you get going. We'll also spend 10 minutes at the start of each session talking you through some tips and focal points you may want to look at that week, of course it's entirely up to you and expressive free-drawing is always welcome as well.

The sessions will run as follows and allow for 4/5 separate sketches:

10 minute introduction

2.5 minutes quick draw

2.5 minutes quick draw

10 minutes longer focused sketch

10 minutes longer focused sketch

5 minutes break to allow model to move and stretch if necessary

45 minutes final piece

At the end of the session you're welcome to stay behind and ask for quick critiques of your work, but this isn't compulsory. You can also upload your work on our Discord for more advice and support if you'd like it.

We will also be opening a Google form for suggestions - sent via email - on any specific themes, garments or props you'd like to work on in session. The popularity of the request will dictate it's priority, please allow two weeks for approval as this is arranged through the Students' Union.


Resource Links

Books (Available in the University Library):


Useful links:

Free Life Drawing Practice:


Resources For Still Life

Books (Available in the University Library):


For more information don't forget to follow the Life Drawing Society Instagram page for all the updates you need @laulifedrawing or sign up to our society mailing list here!



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