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Student Spotlight | #25 | Lucas Paw

Welcome back to the Student Spotlight, where each week we’ll be interviewing an LAU student to find out more about you and your practice! For this week’s Student Spotlight we spoke to Illustration student Luca Paw.

Students’ Union: Hi Lucas thank you so much for being this week's Student Spotlight! We will kick off right away and ask what type of work do you produce?

Lucas Paw: Digital illustration

Students’ Union: That sounds like so much fun! You must take inspiration from a lot of different things, so who and what inspires you?

Lucas Paw: Alot of different forms of art I guess. Whether it’s visual, musical or fashion, those really inspires me. Just the form of expression to physicalise emotions, to really see what you feel in front of you and share that with people around I think is very inspiring.

Students’ Union: I think that is very inspiring and lets the audience relate to your work. I would love to know what message do you want your work to convey if any?

Lucas Paw: I want to physicalise emotions, either personally or from people in the world. As vague as it sounds, I want some of art to be sympathetic, so the audience don’t feel alone, and convey that they are not the only ones feeling this way.

Students’ Union: That's super interesting, I can definitely see emotions in your digital illustration, especially through the colours you use. When do you feel like you're at your most creative?

Lucas Paw: I feel most creative when I’m at my emotional peak. Whether that’s extreme sadness or happiness. It drive me to “vomit” it out, to express it one way or the other and currently the best way is illustration and image making. Which explains why music is a big inspiration for me cause the mood some songs can give to the audience.

Students’ Union: What's your working process?

Lucas Paw: It’s embarrassing to say but I’ll consider my working process to be quite impulse. Some days I can sketch ideas for a long time and not get anywhere. But some times I can finish a piece of work in a few days. I think I have to work on that and process, create ideas more thoughtfully.

Students’ Union: That's not embarrassing! Alot of artists work that way and inspiration can hit you at any time. Who do you make your work for?

Lucas Paw: It’s might be a bit selfish but must artworks that I created are for myself and thus most of them are about personal things. But I look forward to create works to help others emotionally or other ways

Students’ Union: I think it's important to make the artwork for yourself first, it helps you to get out your emotions. If you weren’t an artist, what would you see yourself doing?

Lucas Paw: It’s a very hard question. But I might be doing something either in music or fashion. Cause those were always my side passions.

Students’ Union: Now you say you would like to go into music if you wasn't a digital illustrator, so what do you listen to whilst working?

Lucas Paw: Moody music. Artists like Björk, Aurora etc. Very nature inspired and emotional artists.

Students’ Union: What a good music taste! Thank you so much for chatting with us today Lucas! We wish you all the best with your digital illustrations.

If you want to check out more of Lucas' work then you can find them @theundeadcat


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