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Student Spotlight | LGBT+ History Month Special | Luce Hutton

As part of LGBT+ history month, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of our amazing artists here at Leeds Arts in this special edition of Student Spotlight which features work that was initially submitted to contribute towards our LGBT+ History Month exhibition. In this feature, we spoke to level 4 graphic design student, Luce Hutton.

STUDENTS’ UNION: It’s great to be able to feature you in this special edition of Student Spotlight Luce. We’d love to hear about the work that you create and what inspires you?

LUCE HUTTON: Thanks for featuring me. I'm currently really interested in typography but willing to try out a variety of design methods and outcomes before confining myself to one area! In terms of inspirations, I’d definitely have to say nature. But as I said, I like to keep my ideas and projects broad.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Tell us a bit about the work you’ve submitted?

LUCE HUTTON: The title of the work is ‘Neither/Everything/Both/Nothing’. Each word represents a stripe on the non-binary flag, and the objects behind the words are things I find comforting. I used a scanner for a different type of photography and pieced this together in Photoshop. The messy collage represents the confusion that comes with questioning your gender identity.

A collage image with phrases which symbolise the non-binary flag
'Neither/Everything/Both/Nothing' by Luce Hutton

STUDENTS’ UNION: With this year’s theme for LGBT+ History Month being ‘Mind, Body & Soul’, how do you think your work connects with the theme?

LUCE HUTTON: Questioning gender can make a person think a lot about clothes, and I think that really relates to 'Mind, Body & Soul'. My aim is to educate people on the meaning behind the flag with this piece as February is really important for LGBTQ+ education.

Thanks for sharing that with us Luce. You can check out more of Luce’s work on Instagram at @lhuttoncreative. Also, make sure to check out our other LGBT+ spotlight with Celeste Zanatta here!


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