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Sustainability Fortnight: Slow Fashion

For Sustainability Fortnight we will be sharing all our sustainable focussed events and creating some amazing things in all our workshops. From upcycling Beanies to a huge Second-hand Fair in the cafe, here at LAU we try to teach our students an ethical and sustainable approach to their fashion habits!

Read more on the blog below for some Leeds based recommendations when looking to spice uo your closet!


A great way to reduce your fast fashion intake is to buy second-hand and vintage items. Leeds has a vast variety of stores in and out of the city centre were you are able to try these pieces on. Some of our favourite places in Leeds to buy second-hand and vintage include:


There are also a variety of Leeds charity shops which tend to be more budget friendly than the second-hand and vintage shops and are also spread out across the city. There are so many to list but examples include:

  • Revive Leeds

  • Leeds Hospital Charity Shop

  • St Gemmas Hospice Charity Shop

  • British Heart Foundation Headingley

  • Oxfam Headingley


If your finding it hard to find items in store that suit you the you can always try online! There are secondhand places that work like marketplaces were you can buy and sell, and then there are brands that are slow fashion based. Check out the list below to have a browse online:


If your doing a declutter yourself and are wanting to donate or dispose of your clothing sustainably then there are a variety of places to take them too. You can of course drop them off in the charity shops listed above. Zero Waste Leeds have created a map for all the charity shops and donation points you can drop your unwanted clothing, so check it out to see the nearest locations near you! There is a British Heart Foundation bank located on the car park of the Leeds Student medical Practice just next to LAU! British Heart Foundation also offer free collection for larger items such as furniture and electrical goods. There is also a textiles bank on Archery Road near the University too!

We hope you start making your way through the list next time your thinking of purchasing new clothing items for your wardrobe, but just remember every little helps!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @LeedsArtsUnion for up-to-date sustainable info and events - have a great #SustainabilityFortnight!



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