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The time has come to Catch em’ All!

Hello everyone, I’m Zainab the current Student President. This Fresher’s Week, I've planned a fun treasure hunt to help you get to know the support services and amazing departments we have in the University; though we are all in one building it can still be overwhelming being in a new environment so here's a little help so you can figure it all out.

I have hidden Pokémon cards around these areas of the University:

Gallery space

Digital Print

Photography and Moving Image Equipment Store

Dot the Lions

Student Advice and Wellbeing


Computer Resources


Students' Union

All you need to do is pick up a form from the Students' Union, find each card and write the name of that Pokémon next to each department area listed! Catch them all and you will win a small prize! Everyone is a winner so all participants will come away with a little something for their hard Pokemon-catching work!

As an addition, there is a hidden Pokemon card that has not been listed as one of the main areas around the University. Bring that card with you with all the other Pokemon names to win the big ultimate prize!

Good luck everyone and just enjoy the fun with your friends!! ☆



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