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Welcome to Leeds Arts University Freshers Week 2023!

It's that time again! We're just weeks away from the LAU Freshers Week 2023 and we've got an amazing schedule of events and activities planned to get you settled in and help you get to know your new Uni! Whether you're crafty, outdoorsy, hungry, sporty or even dragon-y (yes you read that right) we've got something for everyone! Over the coming weeks you'll meet us - the Union staff team - and learn about all the different ways you're invited to get involved with the Union and how we can help you live your best life here at Leeds Arts. But first, the fun stuff! Here's a little preview of some of the events happening this Freshers Week. Everything is absolutely FREE to get involved in and there may even be a few secret events popping up too, so keep your eyes on our socials @leedsartsunion to stay in the know! Can't wait to sign up? Just click the images!

For the first half of the week, we're getting you moving with our regular yoga classes and netball taster sessions, so if you're into your exercise or just fancy trying something new, give it a go. There's no auditions or try-outs, all abilities are welcome! The Communities Fair is in it's second year after a storming first year turn out! It's your chance to meet and chat to the local charities and organisations that work their socks off to make our Leeds community welcoming, caring and supportive. You'll meet conservation teams, sexual health charities, mental health organisations and support networks that are dedicated to making sure you get everything you might need out of living in Leeds. Expect a welcoming walk around the cafe, saying hi to some friendly faces and learning what they do. Let's not forget everyone's favourite event - the Guide Dogs are back! If the first week of Uni feels like a lot (understandably), you miss your pets at home or you just need a relaxing cuddle with a soft pup, book your place now to avoid missing out on this super popular event!

For the second half of the week we're bringing out the big guns! The Freshers & Societies Fair is your main event of the week and will be jam packed with all your soon-to-be favourite Leeds venues, bars, cafes, shops and societies! It's your chance to check out the who's-who of Leeds social life as well as meeting all your 2023 Society Leaders and signing up to get to know your new crew. Not sure which soc to join? We've listed them all here! But will there be freebies, you ask?! Of course, there'll be freebies!! It wouldn't be a Union event without some amazing free stuff so don't miss it!

A little bit eco? Us too! Your Beehouse Building and Tie-Dye Workshop events are your chance to do your bit for sustainability and rehome some buzzy buddies; then reuse your old clothes to learn about how natural dyes can create dramatic effects and bring new life to your forgotten garms.

If you have any questions about any of the Freshers events or anything else Union-y, let us know we can't wait to meet you!


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