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Although recycling is a great starting point to living a more sustainable lifestyle, there's a whole host of other things that we could do to have a more conscious impact on our environment. 

We are always striving to become more knowledgable about how to live a more sustainable life so if you have any amazing tips, tricks and hacks that you think students should know about - please let us know at @conscious_creatives.

Hopefully, we've made a great start but there's much more room to grow! 


Settling into a new city can be tricky. For the past 2 years, your Sustainability Officers and students in the Conscious Creatives society have created a list of their favourite go-to shops, eateries and retailers that have made the transition to a more ethical and low waste life style much easier!


Printed maps are available in the Blenhiem Walk Union space, on recycled and FCS certified paper of course!

Sustainability Map (September 2021). Scroll to the right to see the back.

Designed by Guy Parsons [] & Katie White [@ktrnswrld].

The Leeds Sustainable Map by LAU Conscious Creatives
The Leeds Sustainable Map by LAU Conscious Creatives

A map of Leeds sustainable eateries, shops, retailers.

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The Leeds Sustainable Map by LAU Conscious Creatives
The Leeds Sustainable Map by LAU Conscious Creatives

A map of Leeds sustainable eateries, shops, retailers.

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Sustainable Leeds (September 2020). Click each image to take a closer look.
Designed by Guy Parsons [], Kaya Mitchell [@slaya.kaya] & Poppy Belcham [@poppyanndesign_]. 


1. Switch up your haircare routine with a Solid Shampoo and conditioner bar! Give your hair the love it deserves! Whilst you're being sustainable with your shampoo and conditioner, why don't you change to a soap bar packaged in cardboard or no packaging at all! 

2. If you happen to have some spare shampoo and shower gel bottles laying around your house, why don't you think about getting a refill rather than buying more plastic?!

3. Deodorant is one of the hardest essentials to recommend as everyone's different, however, Earth Conscious is a lot more moisturising and gentle than most brands! Although it falls on the more expensive side, costing around £7, it's long-lasting and a nice treat for your armpits!

4. Did you know that toothbrushes can get swept into our oceans and harm marine life? How about swapping it out for a bamboo one instead!

5. Cotton rounds are an easy thing to DIY! But if you aren’t that crafty, Jar tree has a lovely selection of designs! Just chuck them in the wash with the rest of your laundry and they come out brand new! 

6. Take a visit to your local Lush store for some new environmentally sustainable and ethical cosmetic and hygiene products!

7. Fancy an alternative to your regular sanitary product? Why don't you try out a Mooncup or another reusable menstrual cup?Mooncups not your thing? How about a bamboo sanitary towel/tampon to go with your toothbrush? Boots sell a line called Flo products which are biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free! What's more, 5% of your purchase goes towards ending FGM! They also support period poverty! 

8. If you're looking for a completely different alternative, why not purchase some affordable period pants and sanitary products from Cheeky Wipes?

If you're looking for an introduction to DIY natural cleaning products which are kinder to the environment, why not check out the video below by youtuber Rachel Aust!


“As a newcomer to Leeds, it has taken me some time to find out about all of the wonderful places that make it possible to shop & eat more sustainable in Leeds. I hope that this online directory along with the film Green Guide Leeds will help to spread the word about the growing environmentally-conscious community in Leeds.” - Mai Brightling, Visual Communication Alumni