Student Representatives ensure the voice of all students are heard.


Each course elects its own set of Student Reps who provide a crucial link to University staff and management; enabling feedback, opinions and the thoughts of the students to be heard throughout the University.


Student Reps speak with University management, Programme directors, Course leaders and tutors, and the Union in regular meetings throughout the year.  

They will speak and listen to their fellow students and take forward issues, problems and positive feedback from their Course. They then feedback any information back to the students to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop and involved. The Student Reps also pass on information to students regarding upcoming events, opportunities and other relevant Union and University activities.

Our Student Reps are incredibly valued in their role and have played an important part in creating positive change and making the University a great place to study.

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Reps will be in place from October. Watch this space.




FORUM aims to bring an inclusive and accessible space for all voices. Our FORUM open meetings give all students the chance to speak out and discuss their University experience, including the Union events, opportunities and support. We want to learn what is important to you and what you want to see from the Union.


FORUM meetings are held regularly throughout the year and all students will be invited to join.

Watch this space for your 2020-21 FORUM dates. All students will be invited via email. 

Have something you want to share right now? Go ahead and complete the FORUM 24/7 form.

FORUM 24/7


Each spring, we hold the Student Elections. Whether you want to run for one of the roles or just exercise your democratic right, the annual Student Elections give every student the opportunity to decide who will lead the Union for the year ahead. Your Union will listen to your ideas and opinions, organise campaigns, events, activities & societies for you to get involved in.

There are a number of roles up for grabs each year. The Student President role is open to any graduating student that year. All other roles can be filled by any current student. 

Being part of the Union’s diverse team can provide you with a huge amount of experience that will prove to be invaluable in your future! Successful students will develop new skills and gain confidence in communication and leadership through meetings, organising events and activities whilst campaigning and creating positive change. You’ll not only have a great year but you will play an important role in making a difference to your fellow students.

The next Student Elections will launch in January 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about the Student Elections and becoming an Exec Officer, keep your eyes peeled!

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