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Hello & Welcome

to an open & diverse space in a specialist arts University


We strive to provide activities, events, support and opportunities that are relevant, genuine and tailored to a creative student. You are thriving, experienced and distinctive artists, musicians, designers and creatives.  So, we won’t be just like any other Students’ Union because you aren’t just any other student. We look like you, because we are made up of each and every one of you.


We’re all about being positive and enthusiastic, taking chances on new things and people, working flippin’ hard and giving back to the places and people that give to us.


Whether it's sports teams, fitness classes or a boatload of society fun, we've got you covered!

Joining a society is your chance to get to know other students, start new friendships, and maybe, try something new. Our MOVE fitness classes and sports teams will make sure you're looking after your mental and physical wellbeing and feeling great! 


So what are you waiting for? Click that button to find out more and get involved! 


We strive to bring you a variety of events throughout the year so there’s plenty to keep you busy. From Sustainability Week to the NEST Magazine launch party, Black History Month events and Pride campaigns, whatever the season, there's always loads going on to make sure your calendar is jam-packed.

Next up in the Union calendar? Hit that button below to join in on what's going on. 

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