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For all Leeds Arts Union competitions and live briefs, we want to keep the process as fair and open as possible for all involved.


Therefore, here are a few things you need to know before entering any Leeds Arts Union competition or live brief, if you have any questions, please email

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the competition or live brief is only open to current students at Leeds Arts University.

  2. Entries will only be accepted within the advertised time frame.

  3. The entrant and Leeds Arts Union will jointly own the rights to the design and artwork of the winning entry. Either party can use the work however they wish in reproductions and alterations. However, due consideration to the artists' integrity and authenticity will always be considered, and where appropriate, credited.

  4. The entrant and Leeds Arts Union hold joint rights with the exception of Leeds Arts Union merchandise competitions or live briefs. The winning entrant will license the artwork to the Union for the agreed specification, including license time frame and production numbers.  

  5. If entering as a collaborative, all entrants must adhere to the terms and conditions.

  6. You will need to ensure that you are reachable via your student email address, and respond promptly to any communication regarding the competition or live brief.

  7. Winner selection: The Student Executive Officers will have the final vote on which entry is selected. Should there be a personal conflict of interest in the entry, the Executive Officer will make it known, and withdraw from the voting.

  8. For some competitions or live briefs, or where a Student Executive Officer vote is unavailable, the final decision will fall with Student Liaison staff members and the Student President.

  9. We will not accept any entries which: contain any content that is likely to be considered offensive or provocative; are copied from other works, in whole or in part; promotes any political agenda; or include works, in whole or in part, which are not owned by the entrant, without express written consent from right owner. This includes any copyrighted material, photography, logos and typography/fonts.

  10. The prize advertised is the final offer. This will be paid to the winner within 30 working days of receipt of invoice unless otherwise discussed. The issuing of invoices is the responsibility of the student.

  11. A record of all entries may be kept by Student Liaison staff and the Student President but will not be used without express consent from the entrant. Leeds Arts Union reserves the right to retain, reproduce, publish or re-distribute the work at any time, including for archival purposes, whilst acknowledging the entrant’s right to be credited where necessary and appropriate.

  12. Proof of entry cannot be used as confirmation that Leeds Arts Union has received the submission.

  13. Student Liaison staff or Student Executive Officers have the right to withdraw the competition at any point given that no entries have been used by Leeds Arts Union. No prize will be awarded and all entries will be deemed void.

  14. If, at any point an entry is discovered not to adhere to the terms and conditions, or infringes on any copyright, Student Liaison staff and/or the Student President reserve the right to disqualify the entry, revoke any prize, and inform relevant Leeds Arts University staff members.

  15. By entering any Leeds Arts Union competition or live brief, you confirm you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

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