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A Call To Take Action: Launching Create, Challenge, Change 2021

Our annual sustainability campaign is back. And this year, we're making a call to action to Create, Challenge and Change. Our creative community is a powerful force, and together, we can work to challenge stigma, change our understanding and create a better world.

This time, it's about more than just recycling and planting trees. It's about learning about the impact of the SDG's that cover a huge amount of ground. It's about sharing our individual experiences and learning from each other. And mainly, it’s about getting together, having fun and championing sustainability! Read on to find out where this all started ...

An illustrated banner with black line drawings of figures. The words 'Create Challenge Change' and 'A Call To Take Action' are across the banner.

To kick us off, we want to share the basis of all our sustainability work. Our bread and butter. The Sustainable Development Goals. 17 goals [or 'SDG's' as you'll hear us say] that underpin the United Nations' 'blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all'.

The global goals cover every area of our lives. From gender equality, good health and wellbeing and quality education - a must in our University world - to responsible consumption and production, no poverty and, of course, climate action.

A table displaying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Both the University and Union look to these goals throughout our sustainability efforts.

Did you know that the University responds and submits an annual report to the SDG Accord? This is where University and College's can choose to join the scheme to monitor and action their sustainability efforts to ensure a 'collective response' to the importance of education in supporting the SDG's.

The Union follows a similar scheme in NUS's Green Impact. This accreditation scheme sees the Union team ensure we are doing absolutely everything we can to support the SDG's and to up our sustainable game! Last year, we achieved 'Good' accreditation in a very short space of time. This year, we're aiming to level up and achieve 'Very Good' [watch this space!].

So, with the background info of our sustainability work, we wanted to start the week as we mean to go on. We want to instil a sense of 'doing', no matter how small this action might be. You might choose to learn more about the SDG's and how they can inspire and influence your work, or you might choose to swap out an old shopping habit for a shiny new sustainable one. There is a wealth of things you can start doing!

To get you thinking, we love this United Nations; Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World. We urge you to take a look!

Whatever you choose to do over the next few weeks, know that it will make a difference.


Follow everything that is going on for the Create Challenge Change campaign on the What's On calendar and on social media. Make sure you follow @leedsartsunion & @conscious_creatives


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