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Creative Writing Showcase | Alex Callaghan | Welfare Fortnight

A collection of pieces from BA [Hons] Creative Writing.

She's wired

Alex Callaghan

Manic panic,

Tyrannic insanity,

Brainwave tomfuckery,

A fool of my humanity,

If I'm thinking in all honesty,

I'm cheapening my pedigree,

By being on the edge of things,

But I'm just on edge at everything,

Independent to what's happening,

The wires in my chest- they twinge

And buzz- robotic tendencies,

Hands up for my anxiety,

Palms open close- a remedy,

For tensions, talks and questioning,

For everyday activities,

Forgetting my artillery,

To fight back- ability

To lay back

And wish it all away


Find Alex on Instagram @poetry_ditties & on twitter @ABCallaghan2


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