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Creative Writing Showcase | Chase Miller | Welfare Fortnight

A collection of pieces from BA [Hons] Creative Writing.

oh, my rolling love!

Chase Miller


two alike minds

dash, in

fragments, in

camera, shatter

unto one another

to become whole,

become one, and

although jagged

lines permeate

the boundaries, to the

membrane thrust

between these two

fluid bodies there

is nothing restless, no

awful drainage, no

chest-pain panting

in the dim light

of lair-glow, no.

it just works.

it just does.

and so,

in rainbows, and

in sepia tones, and

in rosy glows,

in glowing prose,

in pale light, in

moon-so-bright, and

dredging, crawling

pitching, reeling, grazing

across the surface

of bedsheets, clawing

at those bodies,

that skin laid

bare beneath, every

contingent object

of clothing posing

merely an obstacle

to savoured glimpses

to the thrill of

no shame, to

the thrill of flashing

polaroids, to

the ecstasy of

tracing the face

with the finger, to

the chest, arms,

legs, belly, lovely,

sloping, holy, to

taking in every

crease and seam and

pore and inch of smooth

sternum and committing

it to permanence, to

posterity come hell

or high water, tracing every

oh-so thoughtfully

coupled segment of this

heavenly structure, this

divine construction, this

hallowed formation, this -

oh, my rolling love!

and through the morning

fog, that choking,

bloating, flowing mist

there is no daunting

image of futures

dashed, no

hopeless haunting from

loves of past, no.

it just works.

it just does.


Find Chase on Instagram is @sneazer_ and on twitter @ssauceboy.


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