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Creative Writing Showcase | Lizzie Mitchell | Welfare Fortnight

A collection of pieces from BA [Hons] Creative Writing.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Lizzie Mitchell

You weren’t there when

I fell down the rabbit hole

and couldn’t get back

When ‘welcome to wonderland’

played on repeat around my brain

As I became the Mad hatter

Time slowly ticking away

as I waited for the cake to kick in

For me to outgrow

the home you trapped me with

You labelled me, ‘drink me’

bottles forcing me to shrink

So you could paint the town

I was the white rose that could never be red (read)

You brewed the tea to be sipped

Set the clocks, made the party never end

My cup remained broken



You dug the hole for me to fall

To drown in my sadness

I’m ready to climb out


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