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Creative Writing Showcase | Molly Longley | Welfare Fortnight

A collection of pieces from BA [Hons] Creative Writing.

Honey Pot

Molly Longley

Honey drips from my lips.

This artificial sweetness

has become too much.

Hip dips and more hip swings.

Did I look like this before?

Maybe I can’t see straight

with this constant buzz of rules

ringing in my head.

My mind is just a hive.

Enclosed within is layers

of bittersweet wishes

and hate, I will never be

pretty like queen bee.

This hive is dangerous,

I have seen the death it’s caused.

I know removing the

frame that’s caused this infection

will create new life.

A well-functioning hive,

where honey thrives and stays within.

If honey stays inside,

maybe I can feel the way

she does, dandy and loved.

I could be the candy

people crave, the buzz returns.

I will never be loved.

How can I be? I will

never be queen bee.

Honey creeps up my throat.

Maybe I can keep it down



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