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Creative Writing Showcase | Ruby Dearing | Welfare Fortnight

A collection of pieces from BA [Hons] Creative Writing.


Ruby Dearing

We’re not so different you and I,

She whispered into her page

After all they shared a gender,

But they didn’t share an age,

She looked at her creation,

With a tear in her eye,

And as she really, really thought about it,

She began to really, really cry,

The adventures this person lived,

The life that she had,

Was the once she’d always wanted,

The good things and the bad,

Her life wasn’t as beautiful,

As the one these words lead,

The only good life she lived,

Was the one within her head,

So she closed her eyes,

And she grabbed her pen,

She jumped on the journey,

That took her to them,

She was in love with a character,

In love with some words,

In love with a ghost,

That she’d never seen or heard,

But what really is fiction?

When you lift up it’s veil,

There’s nothing more false than reality,

Nothing’s really real,

Fiction is just a concept,

Love can happen anywhere,

So she writes whatever she feels like,

And lives her life in there.


You can find Ruby on Instagram @rubydearing


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