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Declutter | Day 9 | Self Care Challenge

In the words of Marie Kondo 'tidying orders and relaxes the mind' - something we all need right now. Her advice on how to eliminate clutter is simple: give everything a home. 

"When you've gathered items that spark joy, decide on a place for them to live. Touch each one, letting gratitude flow through your fingers. Folded clothes should be stored upright, that way, you can see everything and your clothing will not be crushed". 

Ensuring that each one of your belongings has its own spot is the only way to maintain a tidy and clutter-free home. Clutter has nothing to do with what or how much you own – it’s the failure to put things back where they belong. The way you store your items is an expression of gratitude for all the support they provide. Giving them a cozy spot to kick back and relax is the least you can do! 

As part of your time working from home, try reordering your space to separate the area you work in from places you would normally relax. If your bedroom is where you spend your time working and the living room is where you would take a break, take some time to rearrange your room so it's the most productive space it can be. You may even find that T-shirt you thought you'd lost or gather some old clothes for the charity shop.  

Make sure that in your work space you have access to everything you need, free from distractions and things that will make you want to procrastinate. Organise your desk or table space so that you feel prepared to do your work, a tidy space can equal a tidy mind.  


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