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Get moving | Day 5 | Self Care Challenge

Exercise and positive mental health go hand in hand. If you’ve been feeling especially anxious recently it would be understandable, but it might also be because you’re not moving as much as normal. Don’t get us wrong, we’re in a couch to fridge and back pattern too, but this could be negatively affecting your mental health and has an easy to fix solution.  

Without your usual gym routine you may be feeling lost, but there are lots of amazing online workouts you can get involved with from your own living room, not to mention the millions of fitness apps available. Why not try:

2. Yoga with Adriene

If you don’t normally go to the gym, you might still be missing out on your walk to Uni. Try walking up and down your stairs a few times for an extra boost or find a simple desk workout routine and make sure you’re getting up at regular intervals to keep your blood flowing.  


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